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Коледните кутии White Christmas от Teoxane

   2020 January 23

❄ Какво е White Christmas Box от Teoxane ?

OSCAR OF THE MONTH - Beauty… in future tense as well

   2020 January 23

We present to you the new beauty Trend and Regenerating product of the Swiss giant TEOXANE - the pillar of youth: RHA SERUM

Teoxane - The New Beauty Trend

   2020 January 23

The cosmetics of the future is in the present. The purpose of the specially formulated Swiss brand is to extend and enhance the effect of aesthetic procedures.

A Close Conversation With Your Skin

   2020 January 23

If the skin could talk, it would tell us interesting things. For example, we do not notice it until it starts to give away our age and our fatigue. We do not nurture it enough, we do not protect it from the sun, and we let it wrinkle of dryness.

The New 5: Forever Young

   2020 January 23

If you ask a woman what she wants more - a body like Giselle Bündchen or to stay forever young, then she will most likely be in a serious dilemma. Because we live in a time when youth is raised in a cult and is a billion-dollar industry.

Yana Marinova In The Role Of The Beauty

   2020 January 23

She is a symbol of the Bulgarian natural beauty - "You know you can fly because you know there is someone to take care of you - Teoxane."