OSCAR OF THE MONTH - Beauty… in future tense as well

OSCAR OF THE MONTH - Beauty… in future tense as well

Visible transformation

No, it's not a joke! This is the effect after a 14 day use of the recovery serum for face and neck - RHA serum from Teoxane. In a recent study on the Hydrating and elasticity of the skin the serum demonstrates extremely serious complex results. A magical product that erases traces of fatigue, refreshes the tan and eliminates the early signs of aging on the skin. Its regular use regains the ability of the skin to reflect light and hydrates richly, radiantly and velvety.


Swiss quality

The Teoxane Laboratories - based in Geneva use their rich professional experience and undeniable worldwide triumph from the production of Teosyal dermal fillers in the creation of their high-tech cosmetics preserving and regenerating the youth of the skin. In the rich portfolio of the cosmetic giant you can find professional home care products not only for rejuvenation and hydration, but also products for recovery after aesthetic procedures, enhancement and maintenance of the effect thereof. One of the main constituents of their formulas is the revolutionary tosano-linked hyaluronic acid - RHA, patent of Teoxane, which we find only in the injectable Teosyal fillers. In the area of ​​application it forms a dense hydrated matrix for cellular renewal, as a result of which the skin strengthens and visibly rejuvenates. Another key ingredient is the complex for dermal restructuring - the Dermo-Restructuring Complex, which provides powerful antioxidants and precious components, enhancing metabolism in the dermis. The third component of the star formula is NovHyal, a precursor to hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the regeneration of cells, enriches extracellular space and strengthens the dermal-epidermal layers.

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