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RE[COVER] Complexion SPF 50

RE[COVER] Complexion SPF 50
High Coverage Corrective Foundation, High Sun Protec
7,5 g
RE[COVER] COMPLEXION SPF50 is a compact, tinted care product that provides both high coverage (20% pigments), moisturizing and soothing*. It masks flaws in the skin (redness, dark spots, dark circles, bruises, hematomas, ect.) and provides UVA/UVB protection. It comes in 3 colors to suit any skin tone.
  • Post procedure marks: bruises, redness, irritations
  • Skin and complexion imperfections: spots, redness, dark circles, scars.
  • Vectorized HA - Hyaluronic Acid-Hydrates
  • Arnica Extract - Anti-inflammatory and calming action
  • Vitamin E - Helps skin regeneration
  • High concentration of pigments including green and yellow pigments - Masks redness and bruises, unifies and illuminates
  • Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate Octocrylene Titanium Dioxyde - Protects from UVA/UVB

Complexion flaws are corrected and the skin is provided with a feeling of comfort. Skin is protected from UVAs and UVBs.


Apply with the sponge, dab lightly onto imperfections and areas that need correcting. The 3 different shades available can be blended to match your skin tone

Post Aesthetic Procedures recommendations: Designed to be used immediately post-treatment to soothe, hydrate and cover the skin.

Price 100.00 BGN